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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007L'Envers de la tapisserie The Œuvre of Yolande d'Aragon: A Study of Queenship, Power and Authority in Late Mediæval FranceRohr, Zita; Nicholls, James; Gossip, Christopher18-Oct-2009
22008Transformation of 'Thielaviopsis basicola' to study host-pathogen interactionsAl-Jaaidi, Samiya Salim; Katz, Margaret ; Backhouse, David ; Pereg, Lily 20-Oct-2009
32009The Taboo of Client Suicide: Silenced Therapist NarrativesClark, Jane Laura; Wilson, Annmaree Caroline; Kottler, Jeffrey26-Oct-2009
42008Anatomy, Physiology and Cholinergic Modulation of Rat Entorhinal CortexDuffield, Helen; Wilson, Peter16-Oct-2009
52007Potential of intensive rotational grazing for control of ovine gastrointestinal nematodosis in a cool temperate environment with summer dominant rainfallColvin, Alison Frances; Walkden-Brown, Steve ; Knox, Malcolm; Scott, James20-Oct-2009
62008Australian Aboriginal Marginalisation in Policy Making and Education: a function of colonialism and its aftermathCoopes, Rhonda Kathleen; Eckermann, Anne-Katrin; Harrison, Neil22-Oct-2009
72009SME Performance and Its Determinants: An Empirical Study in the Chinese Transitional ContextGao, Ke; Kotey, Bernice ; Epworth, Roger James9-Nov-2009
82007Of the people, by the people, for the people: Law-making in New South Wales, 1843-1855Mills, Kerry Fraser; Atkinson, Alan1-Sep-2010