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12016Pre-service Teacher Education in Nauru: Where, Who, and WhySerow, Penelope A ; Taylor, Neil ; Sullivan, Terry ; Tarrant, Jodana; Burnett, Greg; Smardon, Dianne; Angell, Emily 31-May-2016
22013Towards growing Indigenous culturally competent legal professionals in AustraliaBurns, Marcelle 13-May-2019
32014Smallholder experiences with dairy cattle crossbreeding in the tropics: from introduction to impactRoschinsky, Romana ; Kluszczynska, Martha; Solkner, Johann; Puskur, Ranjitha; Wurzinger, Maria17-Aug-2017
42015Estimates of Genetic Parameters for Seasonal Weight Changes of Beef CowsMeyer, Karin ; Colditz, Ian 24-May-2016
52015Selection Strategies for Breeding Objectives in Growing PigsHermesch, Susanne ; Arnal, M M A; Boerner, Vinzent ; Dominik, Sonja 24-May-2016
62015Assessing Expression of MUC1 and ZAG Protein Biomarkers in Prostate Biopsies Improves Prediction of Adverse Pathology Following Radical ProstatectomyDurrani, N; Waldron, Mark ; Cherry, C; Harewood, L; Frydenberg, M; Pedersen, J; Mills, J25-Aug-2017
72015BESSiE: A Program for Multivariate Linear Model BLUP and Bayesian Analysis of Large Scale Genomic DataBoerner, Vinzent ; Tier, Bruce 24-May-2016
82011Dynamic expression of bone morphogenetic protein 4 in reproductive organs of female miceTanwar, Pradeep S; McFarlane, James R19-Jul-2012
92015Multi-functionality and the Urban-Rural Dichotomy in Australian Metropolitan PlanningMcFarland, Paul 25-May-2016
10Sep-2017The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: Annual project report 2016-17Parsons, Melissa ; Reeve, Ian ; Morley, Phil ; McGregor, James ; Hastings, Peter; Glavac, Sonya ; Stayner, Richard ; McNeill, Judith ; Marshall, Graham 31-May-2019

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