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12012Genetics and evolution of function-valued traits: understanding environmentally responsive phenotypesStinchcombe, John R; Beder, Jay; Marquez, Eladio; Marron, J Stephen; Meyer, Karin ; Mio, Washington; Schmitt, Johanna; Yao, Fang; Carter, Patrick A; Gilchrist, George W; Gervini, Daniel; Gomulkiewicz, Richard; Hallgrimsson, Benedikt; Heckman, Nancy; Houle, David; Kingsolver, Joel G15-Oct-2012
22010Estimated gene frequencies of GeneSTAR markers and their size of effects on meat tenderness, marbling, and feed efficiency in temperate and tropical beef cattle breeds across a range of production systemsJohnston, David ; Graser, Hans 27-Apr-2011
32012Analysing quantitative parent-of-origin effects with examples from ultrasonic measures of body composition in Australian beef cattleTier, Bruce ; Meyer, Karin 25-Mar-2013
42017Editorial: Effective breeding programmes down underVan Der Werf, Julius H ; Banks, Robert 25-May-2017
52012Optimum multistage genomic selection in dairy cattleBoerner, Vinzent ; Teuscher, F; Reinsch, Norbert9-Apr-2013
62004Indigenous Thai Beef Cattle Breeding Scheme Incorporating Indirect Measures of Adaptation: Sensitivity to Changes in Heritabilities of and Genetic Correlations Between Adaptation TraitsKahi, AK; Graser, HU 31-Jul-2008
72005Restricted maximum likelihood estimation of genetic principal components and smoothed covariance matricesMeyer, K ; Kirkpatrick, M7-Aug-2008
82008Parameter expansion for estimation of reduced rank covariance matricesMeyer, Karin 16-Nov-2009
92017Live animal assessments of rump fat and muscle score in Angus cows and steers using 3-dimensional imagingMcPhee, Malcolm J ; Walmsley, Bradley J ; Skinner, B; Littler, B; Siddell, J; Cafe, L; Wilkins, J F; Oddy, Hutton ; Alempijevic, A5-Jun-2018
1029-May-2018On Estimation of Genome Composition in Genetically Admixed Individuals Using Constrained Genomic RegressionBoerner, Vinzent ; Wittenburg, Dorte4-Mar-2019