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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Rapid communication: physical and linkage mapping of the porcine connexin 37 (CX37) geneGrapes, L; Zhang, Yuandan ; Rothschild, M F25-Nov-2009
22003Genetic and phenotypic characterisation of animal, carcass and meat quality traits from temperate and tropically adapted beef breeds: 4. Correlations among line animal, carcass and meat quality traitsReverter, Antonio; Johnston, David ; Ferguson, DM; Perry, Diana; Goddard, Michael Edward; Burrow, HM; Oddy, Hutton ; Thompson, John Mitchell ; Bindon, BM28-Oct-2009
32005Random regression analyses using B-splines to model growth of Australian Angus CattleMeyer, K 7-Aug-2008
42006Variance components for live weight, body measurements and reproductive traits of pair-matched ostrich femalesCloete, SWP; Bunter, Kim L ; Lambrechts, H; Brand, Z; Swart, D; Greyling, JPC6-Aug-2008
52005Insulin-like growth factor-I measured in juvenile pigs is genetically correlated with economically important performance traitsLuxford, BG; Hermesch, Susanne ; Crump, RE ; Bunter, Kim L ; Graser, HU 6-Aug-2008
62003Economic weights for feed intake in the growing derived from a growth model and an economic modelHermesch, Susanne ; Kanis, E; Eissen, JJ30-Jul-2008
72004Genetic improvement of lean meat growth and feed efficiency in pigsHermesch, Susanne 30-Jul-2008