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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11993ASIO and economic espionage: The new 'subversion'?Carne, Greg 22-Aug-2016
21999Rescuers and Nervous ShockEburn, Michael E20-Nov-2009
31998A.C.L.U. v. Reno: An Endorsement of Internet Self-Regulation?Lee, Karen 30-Nov-2009
41996Further Decision on the Right to DieEburn, Michael E30-Nov-2009
51995Religion and the Constitution: an Illusory FreedomEburn, Michael E3-Feb-2010
61995Voluntary Euthanasia: Making the LawEburn, Michael E30-Nov-2009
71996United States recognition of the right to dieEburn, Michael E30-Nov-2009
81992Emergency Vehicles and the law in New South WalesEburn, Michael E2-Jun-2010