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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12016ThesmophoriaDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
22016NecromancyDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
32016SortesDillon, Matthew P 16-Jun-2017
42008The Australian Magpie ('Gymnorhina tibicen'): An alternative model for the study of songbird neurobiologyKaplan, Gisela 13-May-2010
52004Orangutan CultureKaplan, Gisela 21-Oct-2009
62004Darwin, Charles (1809-1882)Rogers, Lesley ; Kaplan, Gisela 21-Oct-2009
72007DeconstructionHardy, Joy 17-Aug-2009
82015Animal Rights in Research and Research ApplicationRogers, Lesley 6-May-2015
92006Voice: 'Gymnorhina tibicen' Australian MagpieKaplan, Gisela 22-Oct-2009
102015Brain and Behavioral Lateralization in AnimalsRogers, Lesley 6-May-2015