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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12014Classifying Poincar√© complexes via fundamental triplesBleile, Beatrice 8-Mar-2017
22004MalaysiaSiddiquee, Noore Alam; Zafarullah, Habib M 6-Nov-2009
32009Flavin-Mediated Hydroxylation ReactionsEntsch, Barrie; Ballou, David P23-Apr-2010
42006InstitutionalizationScott, John 27-Aug-2012
52017Twin Hills and Mount Gunyan silver depositsHalloran, Davina; Ashley, Paul ; Cooke, Jessie28-Mar-2018
62005[Abschnitt 1 - Personen]: Untertitel 3 - Juristische Personen des √∂ffentlichen Rechts: 89 Haftung fur Organe: InsolvenzBrohmer, Jurgen 5-Sep-2011
71995142. Australian Aboriginal Personal and Place NamesRyan, John Sprott 30-Mar-2010
82009Tolkien on PlayRyan, John Sprott 30-Mar-2010
92003LeisureWalmsley, J Dennis James ; Jenkins, John M27-Oct-2009
102019Introduction: Late Patristic - Medieval, EasternSilvas, Anna 27-Nov-2019

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