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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12013ASIA | South-EastMetcalfe, Ian 17-Oct-2013
22006Covelens, Jan van (1470-1532)Knijff, Jan-Piet1-Jul-2011
32006Hinsz, Albert Antoni (1704-1785)Knijff, Jan-Piet4-Jul-2011
42006Friederichs (Friedrichs), Johann Caspar (1762-1825)Knijff, Jan-Piet1-Jul-2011
52006Hess, Hendrik Hermanus (1735-1794)Knijff, Jan-Piet4-Jul-2011
62006KnipscheerKnijff, Jan-Piet4-Jul-2011
71995142. Australian Aboriginal Personal and Place NamesRyan, John Sprott 30-Mar-2010
82006PeriodicalsFidom, Hans; Knijff, Jan-Piet4-Jul-2011
92004LombokVan Der Kraan, Alfons Maria 21-Oct-2009
102004Chettiars (Chettyars)Kaur, Amarjit 21-Oct-2009