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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Intuition in Soft Decision AnalysisChakrabarty, K 29-Sep-2008
22007Molecular dynamics simulations of antifreeze proteins at a lipid/water interfaceSmith, Erica ; Dalal, Pranav; Madura, Jeffry D; Haymet, Anthony D J13-Aug-2014
32001Differential solvation free energies across the ice-water interface: Simple solutes and the SPC/E model of waterGay, Shawn C; Smith, Erica ; Basak, Tanmay; Haymet, Anthony D J12-Aug-2014
42005Professional Doctorates: Revised papers from the fifth Professional Doctorates conferenceMaxwell, Thomas William ; Hickey, Chris J; Evans, Terry D24-Apr-2012
52007The National Soil and Water Conservation Strategy of the People's Republic of China and the Reform of the 1991 Water and Soil Conservation LawHannam, Ian 8-Jan-2010
62011New Directions for Educational Welfare in Rural Schools: Symposium ProceedingsChoi, Joon Yul; Lyons, Terence 3-Apr-2012
72010Rethinking Learning in Your Discipline: Proceedings of the University Learning and Teaching Futures Colloquium, 2010Muldoon, Robyn ; Clark, Jennifer R ; McCormack, Cathryn Louise; Fleming, Melanie; Jessop, Susan21-Aug-2013
82018UNE Postgraduate Conference 2018: "Intersections of Knowledge" Conference ProceedingsThomas, Philip 12-Jul-2018
92007Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies: Papers from the fortieth meeting of the Seminar for Arabian studies held in London, 27-29 July 2006Simpson, St John; Weeks, Lloyd 6-May-2014
102012Peskiza foun kona ba Timor-Leste = New research on Timor-Leste: Proceedings of the Communicating New Research on Timor-Leste ConferenceLeach, Michael; Mendes, Nuno Canas; da Silva, Antero Benedito; Boughton, Robert G ; da Costa Ximenes, Alarico25-Feb-2013