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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12001After the Kader fire: Labour organising for health and safety standards in ThailandBrown, AJ27-Jun-2008
22005Fabian Socialism and British Australia, 1890-1972Bongiorno, FR24-Jul-2008
32013DaciaSchmitz, Michael 11-Jul-2013
42005Remembering Ol' 55: The Victorian Fabian Society and the road to interventionBongiorno, Francis Robert29-May-2009
52006What if New South Wales had not paid parliamentarians until after Federation?Bongiorno, Francis Robert11-Jun-2009
62007The Erosion of Trust in Australian Public LifeArcher, Jeffrey Robert23-Jun-2009
72005Legitimacy in a Pluralist ContextD´Agostino, Frederick Bruce29-May-2009
82004Sub-Contracting, Small-Batch Production and Home-Based Women WorkersWright, Denis Arthur26-May-2009
92005Legitimating Liberal DemocracyLynch, Anthony James ; Wells, David Alan13-May-2009
102003Origins of the Present Crisis?: Fabianism, Intellectuals and the Making of the Whitlam GovernmentBongiorno, Francis Robert1-Jul-2009