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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Improving organisational performance in health careIsouard, Godfrey; Messum, Diana; Hanson, Susan; McAlpin, Sue; Briggs, David Stewart 22-Oct-2009
22005Adverse Herb-Drug InteractionsBone, Kerry; Mills, Simon; Morgan, Michelle; Burgoyne, Berris20-Oct-2009
32005The Impact of Quality Issues on the Safety of Herbal ProductsBone, Kerry20-Oct-2009
42007Evaluating, Designing, and Accessing Herbal Medicine ResearchBone, Kerry20-Oct-2009
52005Safety considerations during pregnancy and lactationBone, Kerry21-Oct-2009
62005Kava: A Risk-Benefit AssessmentSchmidt, Mathias; Morgan, Michelle; Bone, Kerry; McMillan, Janice27-Oct-2009
72019Stakeholder's Experiences of the Forensic Child Protection ParadigmBuckley, Helen; McArthur, Morag; Moore, Tim; Russ, Erica ; Withington, Tania23-Jul-2020