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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009The C-Plan Conservation Planning System: Origins, Applications, and Possible FuturesPressey, Robert L; Watts, Matthew; Barrett, Thomas ; Ridges, Malcolm 30-May-2017
22016Remote Sensing of Rangeland BiodiversityHunt, E Raymond; Wang, Cuizhen; Booth, D Terrance; Cox, Samuel E; Kumar, Lalit ; Reeves, Matthew C10-Feb-2016
32008Ecological Function in Rivers: Insights from Crossdisciplinary ScienceMika, Sarah ; Boulton, Andrew John ; Ryder, Darren ; Keating, Daniel14-Oct-2009
42009Agroforestry as integrated natural resource managementNuberg, Ian; Reid, Rowan; George, Brendan 30-Jun-2011
52009Financial and economic evaluation of agroforestryThompson, David; George, Brendan 30-Jun-2011
62008Red-legged Pademelon: Thylogale stigmaticaJohnson, PM; Vernes, Karl Adriaan 19-Oct-2009
72008Adapting Problem-Based Learning to an Online Learning EnvironmentLobry De Bruyn, Lisa 19-Oct-2009
82017Welfare issues affecting free-range laying hensCampbell, Dana ; Lambton, Sarah L; Ruhnke, Isabelle ; Weeks, Claire A7-Jun-2017
92004Microbial Diversity in Soil: Effects on Crop HealthAlabouvette, C; Backhouse, David ; Steinberg, C; Donovan, NJ; Edel-Hermann, V; Burgess, LW13-Oct-2009
102002Vegetation mapping and monitoringWoodcock, Curtis E; Macomber, Scott A; Kumar, Lalit 27-Jun-2012