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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
129-Sep-2015Expedition 352 summaryReagan, M K; Pearce, J A; Petronotis, K; Almeev, R; Avery, A A; Carvallo, C; Chapman, T ; Christeson, G L; Ferre, E C; Godard, M; Heaton, D E; Kirchenbaur, M; Kurz, W; Kutterolf, S; Li, H Y; Li, Y; Michibayashi, K; Morgan, S; Nelson, W R; Prytulak, J; Python, M; Robertson, A H F; Ryan, J G; Sager, W W; Sakuyama, T; Shervais, J W; Shimizu, K; Whattam, S A26-Aug-2019
22015Hadrosauroid Material from the Santonian Milk River Formation of Southern Alberta, CanadaLarson, Derek W; Campione, Nicolas E ; Brown, Caleb M; Evans, David C; Ryan, Michael J2-Dec-2019
32014Resilience, tolerance, robustness and genotype x environment interaction in Merino sheep breedingDominik, Sonja ; Swan, Andrew 29-Apr-2015
42014A Review of Hadrosaurid Skin ImpressionsBell, Phil 29-Apr-2015
52014New Saurolophine Material from the Upper Campanian-Lower Maastrichtian Wapiti Formation, West-Central AlbertaBell, Phil ; Sissons, Robin; Burns, Michael E; Fanti, Federico; Currie, Philip J29-Apr-2015
62014A novel camera-based approach to understanding the foraging behaviour of mycophagous mammalsVernes, Karl A ; Smith, Matthew; Jarman, Peter 29-Apr-2015
72014Environmental managementReid, Nick ; Norton, D A; Stafford Smith, M29-Apr-2015
82016Inoculant production and quality controlDeaker, R; Hartley, E; Gemell, G; Herridge, David ; Karanja, N11-Feb-2017
92011Avian diseases which affect egg production and qualityRoberts, Juliet R ; Souillard, R; Bertin, J28-Aug-2012
102014Genetic Improvement of Beef CattleKinghorn, Brian ; Banks, Robert ; Simm, G30-Apr-2015