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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12018Deictic and sociopragmatic effects in Tibeto-Burman SAP indexationDeLancey, Scott 20-Jul-2018
22006Passing ThroughAuster, Martin Lucas12-Mar-2012
32012Universals and specifics of 'time' in RussianGladkova, Anna 15-May-2013
42012Inequalities of crimePereira, Margaret A; Scott, John 21-Mar-2012
52012Rural crime and critical criminologyDonnermeyer, Joseph F 27-May-2013
62013Thinking Critically about Rural CrimeDeKeseredy, Walter S; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 22-May-2013
72005A Labour of Sex?: Female and Male ProstitutionScott, J 29-Jul-2008
82012The problem of access: Outdoor leisure activities and access to private rural landBarclay, Elaine ; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 16-May-2013
92013AustraliaBarclay, Elaine ; Scott, John 30-Apr-2013
102016Placing Crime: The Failings of Urban-Centric Environmental CriminologyLee, Murray; Clancey, Garner9-May-2017