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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Promoting Sustainability on Vulnerable Island Coasts: A Case Study Smaller Pacific IslandsNunn, Patrick ; Mimura, Nobuo19-Dec-2011
22007Managing the present and the future of smaller islandsNunn, Patrick 19-Dec-2011
32007Universal and language-specific aspects of "propositional attitudes": Russian vs. EnglishGladkova, Anna 13-Jul-2010
42006Human Responses To Coastal Change in the Asia-Pacific RegionNunn, Patrick ; Keally, Charles; King, Caroline; Wijaya, Jaya; Cruz, Renato28-Nov-2011
52016Children's Experiences of Living with HIV-Positive Parents Within the Family Context of BangladeshIslam, Md Shahidul ; Scott, John ; Minichiello, Victor 14-Feb-2017
62007The journey of self-discovery in another languageGladkova, Anna 13-Jul-2010
72006Coastal Evolution in the Asia-Pacific RegionNunn, Patrick ; Kumar, Roselyn28-Nov-2011
82007Locating rural crime: The role of theoryDonnermeyer, Joseph F 6-Dec-2011
92009Sociological Theory, Social Change and Crime in Rural CommunitiesDonnermeyer, Joseph F ; Jobes, Patrick C; Barclay, Elaine 20-Jan-2012
102008The concept of 'frankness' in Russian and in English linguistic world-viewsGladkova, Anna 20-Jan-2012