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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Lexical Decomposition II: Conceptual AxiologyGoddard, Cliff ; Wierzbicka, Anna18-Aug-2009
22012Inequalities of crimePereira, Margaret A; Scott, John 21-Mar-2012
32006Passing ThroughAuster, Martin Lucas12-Mar-2012
42006Rural Crime, Poverty, and CommunityDonnermeyer, JF ; Jobes, PC; Barclay, E 24-Sep-2008
52006Harold Brookfield (1926-)Connell, J; Rugendyke, BA 18-Sep-2008
62007A revised view of the verbal suffixes of Yugambeh-BundjalungSharpe, Margaret 16-Mar-2012
72015The origins of postverbal negation in Kuki-ChinDelancey, Scott 27-Apr-2017
82015Adjectival constructions in Bodo and Tibeto-BurmanDeLancey, Scott 3-Jan-2018
92015Symbiosism, Symbiomism and the perils of memetic managementvan Driem, George15-Dec-2017
102013Pimp my ride: mapping vernacular creativity in an industrial cityWarren, Andrew 25-Mar-2014