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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12015PlanningIngham-Broomfield, Becky 25-Feb-2015
22014Research in nursing: concepts and processesDaly, John; Elliot, Doug; Chang, Esther; Usher, Kim 30-Apr-2015
32012United StatesLee, Karen 1-May-2013
42017Systematic Conservation Planning with MarxanWatts, Matthew; Stewart, Romola; Martin, Tara G; Klein, Carissa J; Carwardine, Josie; Possingham, Hugh P25-May-2017
52013Social Class and Australian SchoolingMcQueen, Kelvin 17-Aug-2015
62011Systematics and Evolution of the PigRuvinsky, Anatoly; Rothschild, Max F; Larson, Greger; Gongora, J23-Jan-2012
72014Disseminating ResearchPaliadelis, Penelope S ; Parmenter, Glenda ; Lea, Jacqueline 25-Sep-2015
82016Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Enhancement TechniquesHerridge, David 16-Jun-2017
92012Inequalities of crimePereira, Margaret A; Scott, John 21-Mar-2012
102014Socialization and MentoringMadison, Jeanne 1-Jun-2017