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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12009Estimation of Breeding Values for Animals Selectively SlaughteredWorsnop, Christopher David; Johnston, David ; Graser, Hans17-Sep-2009
22009Underachieving Gifted Children: Intergenerational IssuesHarding, Kerry; Merrotsy, Peter; Smith, Susen17-Sep-2009
32007Is there an emerging exception in international law to foreign state immunity in respect of violations of 'jus cogens' norms?Lanyi, Gustav Daniel; Omar, Imtiaz14-Oct-2009
42008Madness and MysticismNorris, Stephen John; Gray, Frances; Lynch, Anthony 16-Oct-2009
52008Literary Affect: Alive or dead?Thomas, Emma Diane; Baxter, David; Buckland, Corinne16-Oct-2009
62008Public Interest in the Balance: Does the Public Policy Discretion work?Middleton, Carolyn; Eburn, Michael14-Oct-2009
72000Making Change Happen for Teachers of the Gifted: Changing teacher attitudes to gifted students through professional developmentLummis, Sandra Ruth22-Jul-2014
82005Factors Affecting Growth of Cyanobacteria in Malpas Dam: Causes and ConsequencesWoods, Robert Jason; Faulkner, Richard7-Dec-2015
92003What Injuries Occur at Australian Mass Gatherings?Reid, David Nairn; Hussain, Rafat 8-Dec-2015
102008How Uniting Church in Australia clergy, particularly females, experience and deal with stress in ministryPereira, Peter John; Mackay, Frances; Moir-Bussy, Ann1-Sep-2010