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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11999Patterns and Trends in Individual Education ProgramsAyres, Roberta Elizabeth; Graham, Lorraine; Redden, Ted 27-Sep-2010
21999The Role Played in the Community by Retired School PrincipalsGorman, Barbara Desma; Thomas, Ross27-Sep-2010
31999Participatory Research Approach For Educational Needs Assessment For Farmer Educational Program In Sri LankaDissanayake, Dissanayake Mudiyanselage Bhashini Menike; Somerville, Margaret J ; Brennan, Barrie3-Nov-2011
41999First-Generation Greek Professional Migrants in Australia, 1947 - 1985: Problems of Settlement and Adaptation, and Their Contribution to the Greek-Australian and Australian SocietiesKondos, Alexandros Christos; Machalias, Nick3-Nov-2011
51999An Exploration of Path Dependency and Spatial Outcomes: Exploring path dependency theory and the urban pattern that has emerged in Sydney in the Post WWII periodAlford, Gavin Rodney20-Oct-2011
61999An Evaluation of the Gerangamete Catchment Management Plan Using the Safe Minimum StandardAmirtharajah, Mark; Davidson, Brian; Sinden, John20-Oct-2011
71999Determination of the Triad Sequence Distribution and the cis/trans Linkage Configurations at the Cyclic Anhydride Units in the Alternating Copolymers of Maleic Anhydride and Citraconic Anhydride with Styrene and other Donor MonomersNguyen, Thi Hieu Ha; Gunther, Max3-Nov-2011
81999Public utility reform, quality and regulatory design: a case study of the urban water supply industryGreen, Patricia; Forsyth, Peter; Harris, Geoff3-Nov-2011
91999Acts of Supplication in Ancient GreeceMcSweeney, Gaye; Stanton, Gregory ; Horsley, Gregory; Mitchell, Lynette3-Nov-2011
101999The Use of Paclobutrazol in Controlling Tree GrowthWitchard, Martin Alexander; Milburn, John; Taji, Acram8-Nov-2011