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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008Where does work life begin and private life end?: An examination of employee liability for out-of-hours conductKennedy, Amanda L 24-Mar-2010
22009The Facebook Family: Information and Communication Technology Redrafting the Rules of Participation in Family LifeSimpson, Brian H 18-Mar-2010
32009Ecosystem services: a means to diffuse political land use decisions in peri-urban regionsWilliams, Jacqueline ; Martin, Paul 22-Mar-2010
42002A flashlight assessment of multimedia courseware designed to improve student-centred learning in professional responsibility for lawyersColbran, Stephen30-Mar-2010
52007The Responsibility to Protect Populations from Natural Disasters: An Extension of International Humanitarian LawEburn, Michael Ernest27-Oct-2009
62008Litigation for failure to warn of natural hazards and community resilienceEburn, Michael Ernest29-Oct-2009
72006Differentiating Web Service OfferingsKaminski, Halina; Sherdil, Khalid; Lutfiyya, Hanan; Madhavji, Nazim H; Perry, Mark 15-May-2020