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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11995Voluntary Euthanasia: The Northern Territory ExperienceEburn, Michael E23-Apr-2012
21996Director's DutiesEburn, Michael E23-Apr-2012
32007Equitable Practice of Online PharmacyMarimuthu, Sharllene 3-Jun-2015
42007Good Governance and Constitutionalism in the Digital Age: Thailand's ExperienceVarayudej, Same 7-Oct-2010
52009Federation and Beyond: What the History of Australian Tort Law Can Tell UsLunney, Mark 28-Oct-2010
62008Competing for the city: child friendly cities, children's rights and tourismSimpson, Brian Hendry 25-Oct-2012
72012The Emerging Institutional Risks from Widespread Adoption of an Ecosystem Services Market Approach to Environmental GovernanceMartin, Paul ; Williams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L 17-Oct-2012
82012Lost in Translation: Threatened Species in AustraliaWilliams, Jacqueline ; Kennedy, Amanda L ; Craig, Donna17-Oct-2012
92009Creating network-based innovations for improving the supply and welfare of rural health professionalsMartin, Paul ; Kennedy, Amanda L 8-Jun-2010
102007IDRL - International Disaster Response LawEburn, Michael Ernest31-Jul-2009