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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) revisitedNolan, John Vivian 23-Dec-2009
22005Comparison of the volatile fatty acid profiles of dry and fresh kikuyu incubated with rumen fluid in vitroTahmasbi, Reza; Nolan, John Vivian ; Dobos, R C14-Jan-2010
32005Nutrient content and in sacco digestibility of Grimmett barley grainDung, Dachung Dalyop; Godwin, Ian Robert ; Nolan, John Vivian 14-Jan-2010
42007Response of skin traits to nutrition in Merino sheep differing in estimated breeding value for wool growthLi, Li ; Oddy, Hutton ; Hegarty, Jennifer Shirley ; Nolan, John V 26-May-2010
52011Growth performance and energy utilisation of broiler chickens on triticale-based dietsWidodo, Aluisius Edi; Nolan, John V ; Iji, Paul 8-May-2012
62007Microbial digestion and assimilation of forage proteins in the rumen: some new insightsNolan, John Vivian ; Tahmasbi, Reza; Dobos, R C18-Feb-2010
72009The "State of Origin Chicken Challenge"Godwin, Ian ; Savage, Darryl ; Nolan, John V ; Gannon, N J; Dryden, G L; Al Jassim, R; Bryden, W L16-Mar-2010
82009The effects of diet and stocking density on cannibalism in 'Cherax destructor'Duffy, Rodney ; Godwin, Ian ; Nolan, John V ; Purvis, Ian W16-Mar-2010
92009Effects of supplementary nitrate and urea on gas production and nitrate metabolism in rumen contents in vitroRoberts, J J ; Nolan, John V 16-Mar-2010
102009Degradation of dietary nitrate in the rumen and its use as a potential nitrogen source for rumen micro-organismsNolan, John V ; Dobos, Robin Christopher ; von Pirch, Catherine16-Mar-2010