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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Efficiency of protein utilization in male and female broiler chickensLi, Li ; Nolan, John Vivian 2-Feb-2010
22005Carry-over effects of dietary yeast RNA as a source of nucleotides on the immune system in Leghorn-type chickensDeng, Kai Dong; Wong, Chun Wai; Nolan, John Vivian 19-Jan-2010
32001Effects of diet composition and beak trimming on the incidence of cannibalism in laying hensHartini, S; Choct, Mingan ; Hinch, Geoffrey ; Nolan, John V 12-Jun-2015
42012Delivery of dietary nitrate to sheep through lick-blocks for enteric methane abatementLi, Li; Malisang, Saowalux; Hegarty, Roger ; Nolan, John V ; Leng, Ronald2-Jun-2015
52003Growth rate and faecal egg counts of parasitised Kacang goats fed Mindi ('Melia azedarach') leavesDatta, FU; Mullik, ML; Sanam, MUE; da Cunha, T; Nolan, John Vivian 23-Dec-2009
62003Carryover effects of dietary L-arginine on the immune system in chickensDeng, Kai Dong; Wong, C W; Nolan, John Vivian 22-Dec-2009
72003Is mastication enough processing for maize grain?Simeone, Alvaro; Beretta, V; Rowe, James Baber ; Nolan, John Vivian ; Elizalde, JC23-Dec-2009
82003In vitro ruminal VFA production is unaffected by the presence of sulphur hexafluorideGoopy, John P ; Bird, SH; Hegarty, Roger; Nolan, John Vivian 23-Dec-2009
92003Whole or ground maize grain for cattle grazing annual ryegrass pastureSimeone, Alvaro; Beretta, V; Rowe, James Baber ; Nolan, John Vivian ; Elizalde, JC23-Dec-2009
102003Ingestion of Mindi ('Melia azaedarach') leaves by uninfected and H. contortus-infected Kacang goatsDatta, FU; Nolan, John Vivian 23-Dec-2009