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12003Review of Deborah Appleman: 'Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents' New York & London: Teachers College Press and NCTE, 2000. ISBN 0 8077 3974 XBaxter, David J 12-Oct-2012
21995Review of Barker, Philip, 'Michel Foucault: Subversions of the Subject' (Sydney: Allen and Unwin, 1994 [1993] pp. viii, 232 A$24.95 (paper).McDonald, William 20-Jun-2014
32013Review of 'Kurlumarniny: we come from the desert' Monty Hale (Minyjun) 2012 Anne Scrimgeour (ed.); transcribed and translated by Barbara Hale and Mark Clendon: Aboriginal Studies Press, Canberra, 230pp, ISBN 9780855758301 (pbk)Crawford, Frances 31-Mar-2014
42017Review of 'Purpose in the Universe'. By Tim Mulgan. (Oxford: OUP, 2015. Pp. 448. Price £50.)Forrest, Peter 16-May-2017
52006Frank Schätzing: The Swarm: A Novel of the DeepFisher, Jeremy 23-Jun-2011
62009Review of Akira Suehiro, 'Catch-Up Industrialization: The Trajectory and Prospects of East Asian Economies', NUS Press, 2008, ISBN 978-4-87698-741-2 Paperback US $30Brown, Andrew J14-Apr-2011
72006Review of Louise Porter (2005, 2nd edn.) 'Gifted young children': Crows Nest, Australia: Allen & Unwin Publishing. xii + 271 pp. (paperback). ISBN 1-74114-574-0Smith, Susen23-Nov-2009
82011Review of Ellen L. Frost. 2008. 'Asia's New Regionalism'. London, UK: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 293 pp. $25. ISBN 978-1-58826-554-8Ahmed, Zahid12-Oct-2012
92011Review of 'The Ashgate research companion to queer theory: identity, discourse, normativity, and relationality', edited by Noreen Giffney and Michael O'Rourke, Farnham, UK and Burlington, VT, Ashgate Publishing, 2009, 539 pp., £85.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-0-7546-7135-0Jones, Tiffany 21-Jun-2012
102012Review of Bromhead, Helen. 2009. 'The Reign of Truth and Faith: Epistemic expressions in 16th and 17th century English'. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter, 319pp. ISBN 978-3110205596.Gladkova, Anna 15-May-2013