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12005Binaural hearing has advantages for cochlear implant users alsoNoble, William Glass ; Tyler, Richard; Dunn, Camille; Witt, Shelley2-Dec-2009
22005Introduction: Thinking Places: Indigenous Humanities and EducationBattiste, Marie; McConaghy, Cathryn Elizabeth 16-Mar-2012
32010Navigation in the NeolithicDavidson, David P; Davidson, Iain ; Davidson, Peter B14-Apr-2011
42008Self-Help Books for Tinnitus-Related Distress: Do They Really Help?Malouff, John M ; Schutte, Nicola ; Noble, William G 26-May-2010
52004Australia as a destination country for traffickingCarrington, Kerry 9-Feb-2012
62006Putting Community in PlaceWalmsley, Jim Dennis James 18-Dec-2009
72006Affordable housing for the arts? Local housing markets, affordability and creative city strategiesGibson, Chris; Dufty, Rae 4-Nov-2011
82008Reason and Reenchantment in Cultural Change: Sustainability in Higher EducationBrunckhorst, David John 26-Nov-2009
92010Optimum contribution selection using differential evolutionCarvalheiro, Roberto; de Queiroz, Sandra Aidar; Kinghorn, Brian 23-May-2011
102009Comment on The Chaîne Opératoire Approach in Middle Paleolithic ArchaeologyDavidson, Iain 9-Mar-2010