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1Jun-2013Elite athletes and retirement: Identity, choice, and agencyCosh, Suzanne ; Crabb, Shona; LeCouteur, Amanda28-May-2019
22008The proposed Australia-China Free Trade Agreement: global and country-specific effectsSiriwardana, Mahinda 30-Mar-2010
32017Development of an online smoking cessation program for use in hospital and following discharge: Smoke-free recoveryMcCrabb, Sam; Balogh, Zsolt; Wallis, Mark; Paul, David ; Henskens, Frans; Skelton, Eliza; Bonevski, Billie; Baker, Amanda L; Harris, Ian A; Attia, John; Lott, Natalie; Naylor, Justine; Doran, Christopher; George, Johnson; Wolfenden, Luke5-Sep-2017
42016Writing for publication group: professional development situated in the interstices of academia and performativityReyes, Vicente; Masters, Yvonne ; Clary, Deidre ; Betlem, Elisabeth C ; Jones, Marguerite A; Charteris, Jennifer ; Kivunja, Charles ; Rizk, Nadya ; Sigauke, Aaron 7-Jun-2016
52009Geometric Morphometric Methods for Bone Reconstruction: The Mandibular Condylar Process of Pico della MirandolaBenazzi, Stefano; Stanfield, Ekaterina; Kullmer, Ottmar; Fiorenza, Luca ; Gruppioni, Giorgio11-Jul-2011
61-Dec-2009Closing the Gap between Policy and 'Law' - Indigenous Homelands and a Working FutureBurns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
72012Perceptions of Clinical Leadership in the St. John Ambulance Service in WAStanley, David ; Cuthbertson, Joseph; Latimer, Karen16-Aug-2017
82010Estuarine crocodiles ride surface currents to facilitate long-distance travelCampbell, Hamish ; Watts, Matthew; Sullivan, Scott; Read, Mark; Choukroun, Severine; Irwin, Steve; Franklin, Craig3-Dec-2014
9Dec-2017White blood cell profiles in amphibians help to explain disease susceptibility following temperature shiftsGreenspan, Sasha E; Bower, Deborah S ; Webb, Rebecca J; Berger, Lee; Rudd, Donna; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Alford, Ross A17-May-2019
102013Comparing Trans-Spectrum and Same-sex-Attracted Youth in Australia: Increased Risks, Increased ActivismsJones, Tiffany ; Hillier, Lynne4-Oct-2013