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12015Effect of Ocean Acidification and pH Fluctuations on the Growth and Development of Coralline Algal Recruits, and an Associated Benthic Algal AssemblageRoleda, Michael Y; Cornwall, Christopher E; Feng, Yuanyuan; McGraw, Christina ; Smith, Abigail M; Hurd, Catriona L11-Jan-2016
22018Exploring Touch in Physical Education Practicum in a Touchy Latin CultureVarea, Valeria ; Gonzalez-Calvo, Gustavo; Martinez-Alvarez, Lucio26-Jul-2018
32014Toward An Ethics of Reciprocity: Ethnobotanical Knowledge and Medicinal Plants as Cancer TherapiesRyan, John C 10-May-2017
42013More rapid and severe disease outbreaks for aquaculture at the tropics: implications for food securityLeung, Tommy ; Bates, Amanda E17-Jul-2013
52016Approximated prediction of genomic selection accuracy when reference and candidate populations are relatedElsen, Jean-Michel11-May-2017
62011Spreading-vanishing dichotomy in a diffusive logistic model with a free boundary, IIDu, Yihong ; Guo, Zongming3-Apr-2012
72015Honeybee linguistics: a comparative analysis of the waggle dance among species of 'Apis'Beekman, Madeleine; Makinson, James C; Couvillon, Margaret J; Preece, Kaitlyn; Schaerf, Timothy 15-Dec-2015
82013A Functional Nexus between Photoperiod Acclimation, Torpor Expression and Somatic Fatty Acid Composition in a Heterothermic MammalGeiser, Fritz ; Klingenspor, Martin; McAllan, Bronwyn M28-Mar-2014
92016Muddied Waters: The Case for Mitigating Sediment and Nutrient Flux to Optimize Restoration Response in the Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaGell, Peter A; Reid, Michael 31-Mar-2016
102011A new leanchoiliid megacheiran arthropod from the lower Cambrian Emu Bay Shale, South AustraliaEdgecombe, GD; Garcia-Bellido, DC; Paterson, John R 22-Feb-2012