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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A MRI-compatible system for whisker stimulationLi, Limin; Weiss, Craig; Talk, Andrew ; Disterhoft, John F; Wyrwicz, Alice M
22018Accelerated outpatient individual cognitive-behaviour therapy for panic disorder: A case studyWootton, Bethany; Macgregor, Amy
32010Nonpathological Asymmetry in LB1 ('Homo floresiensis'): A Reply to Eckhardt and HennebergFalk, Dean; Hildebolt, Charles; Smith, Kirk; Brown, Peter J; Jungers, William; Larson, Susan; Sutikna, Thomas; Prior, Fred
42014Adoption of Quad Bike Crush Prevention Devices on Australian Dairy FarmsLower, Tony; Trotter, Mark 
52012Radiometry of Proximal Active Optical Sensors (AOS) for Agricultural SensingHolland, Kyle H; Lamb, David ; Schepers, James S
62012The Role of the Pakistani Mass Media in the Lawyers' Resistance against the Musharraf Dictatorship, 2007-2009Ahmed, Zahid
72006Recognising current competencies of volunteers in emergency service organisationsCatts, Ralph; Chamings, David
82013Imperialism, Progress, Developmental Teleology and Interdisciplinary UnificationClarke, Steve; Walsh, Adrian J 
92009Australian Household Debt: A Sectoral-Level StudyMeng, Xianming ; Mounter, Stuart 
102010Creating an Authentic Tourist Site?: The Australian Standing Stones, Glen InnesConnell, John; Rugendyke, Barbara A