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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Diurnal cycle in salivary cortisol levels in common marmosetsCross, Nicola; Rogers, Lesley 3-Apr-2012
22007Profilin binding to sub-micellar concentrations of phosphatidylinositol (4,5) bisphosphate and phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5) trisphosphateMoens, P ; Bagatolli, LA8-May-2008
32002On a Fluency Image Coding System for Beef Marbling EvaluationToraichi, K; Kwan, PH ; Katagishi, K; Sugiyama, T; Wada, K; Mitsumoto, M; Nakai, H; Yoshikawa, F13-May-2008
42007A new algorithm for removing node overlapping in graph visualisationHuang, Xiaodi; Lai, Wei; Sajeev, Abudulkadir ; Gao, Junbin25-Jan-2010
52005The HERON Reaction: Origin, theoretical background, and prevalenceGlover, S ; Rauk, A; Buccigross, JM; Campbell, JJ; Hammond, GP; Mo, G; Andrews, L; Gillson, A6-May-2008
62007A Variation on Functional Analysis in the Classroom: A Clinical NoteBitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher ; Hawkins, Robyn1-Dec-2010
72007Actual change in anxiety and depression among Australian men with prostate cancerSharpley, Christopher ; Christie, David R H 1-Dec-2010
82003Evolution of turbulence in an oscillatory flow in a smooth-walled channel: A viscous secondary instability mechanismCosgrove, J; Buick, J; Tonge, S7-May-2008
92005Profile of patients with metabolic syndrome recruited for a study of an automated dietary assessment website in primary careWarwick, Penelope Margaret27-Jan-2010
102006Multipilicity of Asymmetric Solutions for Nonlinear Elliptic ProblemsCao, Daomin; Noussair, Ezzat; Yan, Shusen 29-Jan-2010

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