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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Observations of the reproduction and population structure of the caenogastrod, 'Gabbia vertiginosa' Frauenfeld, 1862 (Rissooidea: Bithyniidae)Koch, Maree30-Oct-2009
22009Peak Solutions for the Dirichlet Problem of an Elliptic SystemDancer, Edward N; Hilhorst, Danielle; Yan, Shusen 16-Apr-2010
32009Contact Calls of Common Marmosets ('Callithrix jacchus'): Influence of Age of Caller on Antiphonal Calling and Other Vocal ResponsesChen, Hou-Chun ; Kaplan, Gisela ; Rogers, Lesley 12-Apr-2010
42007Social mobbing calls in common marmosets ('Callithrix jacchus'): effects of experience and associated cortisol levelsClara, Elena; Tommasi, Luca; Rogers, Lesley 12-Apr-2010
52003'Thelohania montirivulorum' sp. nov. (Microspora: Thelohaniidae), a parasite of the Australian freshwater crayfish, 'Cherax destructor' (Decapoda: Parastacidae): fine ultrastructure, molecular characteristics and phylogenetic relationshipsMoodie, Elizabeth G; Le Jambre, Leo F; Katz, Margaret E 12-Apr-2010
62007Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) composite biomaterials for bone tissue regeneration: In vitro performance assessed by osteoblast proliferation, osteoclast adhesion and resorption, and macrophage proinflammatory responseCool, SM; Kenny, B; Wu, A; Nurcombe, V; Cassady, Alan ; Grondahl, L28-Jul-2011
72006Hydrogenated Schiff base ligands: Towards the controlled organisation of open metal frameworksReglinski, J; Taylor, Michelle K ; Kennedy, AR1-Aug-2011
82006Highly-oxidised, sulfur-rich, mixed-valence vanadium(IV/V) complexesTaylor, Michelle K ; Evans, DJ; Young, CG1-Aug-2011
92008Application of decision theory to conservation management: recovery of Hector's dolphinsConroy, Michael J; Barker, Richard J; Dillingham, Peter ; Fletcher, David; Gormley, Andrew M; Westbrooke, Ian M24-Dec-2013
102008Understanding the causes of depression among prostate cancer patients: development of the Effects of Prostate Cancer on Lifestyle QuestionnaireSharpley, Christopher ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Christie, David R H 8-Apr-2010