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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12002Bone mineralisation and strength in range cattleHolst, P J; Murison, Robert David ; Wadsworth, J C28-Oct-2009
22009Origins of the Left and Right BrainMacNeilage, Peter F; Rogers, Lesley ; Vallortigara, Giorgio8-Apr-2010
32007The Expression of Clcn7 and Ostm1 in Osteoclasts Is Coregulated by Microphthalmia Transcription FactorMeadows, N A; Sharma, S M; Faulkner, G J; Ostrowski, M C; Hume, D A; Cassady, Alan 28-Jul-2011
42006Association of plasma metabolites and hormones with the growth and composition of lambs as affected by nutrition and sire geneticsHegarty, Roger; McFarlane, James R; Banks, Robert; Harden, S29-Oct-2009
52008From Antenna to Antenna: Lateral Shift of Olfactory Memory Recall by HoneybeesRogers, Lesley ; Vallortigara, Giorgio13-Apr-2010
62000Strengthening the Dimerisation Interface of Lac Repressor Increases its Thermostability by 40 deg. CPereg, Lily ; Leven, Oliver; Muller-Hill, Benno19-Dec-2013
72008Development of a method of measuring cellular stress in cattle and sheepAgnew, Linda ; Colditz, Ian 16-Apr-2010
82008A seed coat cyanohydrin glucosyltransferase is associated with bitterness in almond ('Prunus dulcis') kernelsFranks, Tricia K; Yadollahi, Abbas; Wirthensohn, Michelle G; Guerin, Jennifer R; Kaiser, Brent N; Sedgley, Margaret ; Ford, Christopher M29-Oct-2009
92009The contribution of anxiety and depression to fatigue among a sample of Australian university students: suggestions for university counsellorsBitsika, Vicki ; Sharpley, Christopher ; Bell, Ryan12-Apr-2010
102008Monomeric Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase Induces Insulin Sensitive ObesityLang, P; van Harmelen, V; Ryden, M; Kaaman, M; Parini, C; Carneheim, C; Cassady, Alan ; Hume, DA; Andersson, G; Arner, P29-Jul-2011