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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12007Methodologies for symmetrical-flow field-flow fractionation analysis of polymeric gluteninDaqiq, Laila; Fellows, Christopher ; Bekes, Ferenc; Lees, Edith6-Nov-2009
22007New Solutions for nonlinear Schr√∂dinger equations with critical nonlinearityWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
32003Normal Systems of Coordinates on Manifolds of Chern-Moser TypeSchmalz, Gerd ; Spiro, Andrea9-Nov-2009
42008X-ray scattering for classifying tissue types associated with breast diseaseSidhu, S; Siu, KKW; Falzon, Gregory ; Nazaretian, S; Hart, SA; Fox, JG; Susil, BJ; Lewis, RA20-Oct-2011
52008Are Animals Autistic Savants?Vallortigara, Giorgio; Snyder, Allan; Kaplan, Gisela ; Bateson, Patrick; Clayton, Nicola S; Rogers, Lesley 13-Apr-2010
62008Hemispheric Specialization in Dogs for Processing Different Acoustic StimuliSiniscalchi, Marcello; Quaranta, Angelo; Rogers, Lesley 13-Apr-2010
72008Leptin inhibits basal but not gonadotrophin-stimulated testosterone production in the immature mouse and sheep testisHerrid, Muren; Xia, Yin; O'Shea, Timothy; McFarlane, James Robert6-Nov-2009
82007Lazer-McKenna conjecture: the critical caseWei, Juncheng; Yan, Shusen 19-Apr-2010
92008Generating Domain-specific Web-based Expert SystemsDunstan, Neil 9-Nov-2009
102006Explicit construction of a Chern-Moser connection for CR manifolds of codimension twoSpiro, A; Schmalz, G 5-May-2008

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