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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12004Hydronium ion formation during the hydrometallurgical formation of valentinite (Sb₂O₃)Bernett, RD; Mitchell, A; Brown, TC 6-May-2008
22005Phase Measurement for Accurate Mapping of Chemical Bonds in Acentric Space GroupsSpackman, MA; Jiang, B; Groy, TL; He, H; Whitten, Andrew; Spence, JCH21-May-2009
32007Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations Near an Isolated SingularityCirstea, Florica Corina; Du, Yihong 21-Dec-2009
42004Dynamics of Local Automorphisms of Embedded CR-ManifoldsKim, Kang - Tae; Schmalz, Gerd 21-Dec-2009
52009Competitive assembly of South Pacific invasive ant communitiesLester, Philip J; Abbott, Kirsten ; Sarty, Megan; Burns, K C17-Sep-2014
62006Life-history characters and phylogeny are correlated with extinction risk in the Australian angiospermsSjostrom, AM; Gross, CL 12-May-2008
72006Expression and activity of the glutamate transporter EAAT2 in cardiac hypertrophy: implications for ischaemia reperfusion injuryKing, Nicola ; Lin, Hua; McGivan, John D; Suleiman, M - Saadeh1-Feb-2010
82004Lateralized prey-catching responses in the cane toad, 'Bufo marinus': analysis of complex visual stimuliRobins, Andrew; Rogers, Lesley 3-Apr-2012
92005An Elliptic Problem Related to Planar Vortex PairsLi, Gongbao; Yan, Shusen ; Yang, Jianfu27-Jan-2010
102006An Emerging Hierarchy of Reasoning About Distribution: From a variation perspectiveReading, CE ; Reid, J 9-May-2008

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