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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Fluorescence: Basic Concepts, Practical Aspects, and Some AnecdotesJameson, David; Croney, John C.; Moens, Pierre 9-Nov-2009
22009On the long-time limit of positive solutions to the degenerate logistic equationDu, Yihong ; Yamada, Yoshio2-Aug-2011
32007Elliptic CR-manifolds and shear invariant ordinary differential equations with additional symmetriesEzhov, Vladimir; Schmalz, Gerd 9-Nov-2009
42006Anaerobic metabolism of inspiratory muscles in COPDEastwood, Peter R; van der Touw, Tom ; Sturdy, Gavin A; Jenkins, Sue C; Hillman, David R9-Nov-2009
52004Expression of flcA, a gene regulating differentiation and plant interaction in 'Azospirillum'Pereg, Lily 21-Apr-2010
62007Offshore Outsourcing: The Risk of Keeping MumRamingwong, Sakgasit; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 10-Nov-2009
72005Flexible self-assembling porphyrin supramoleculesJohnstone, Ken; Yamaguchi, K; Gunter, Maxwell John1-May-2009
82008Symmetry Algebra for multi-contact structures given by 2n vector fields on ℝ²ⁿ+¹Han, Chong-Kyu; Oh, Jong-Won; Schmalz, Gerd 24-Nov-2009
92007Luciferase from 'Vibrio campbellii' is more thermostable and binds reduced FMN better than its homologuesSuadee, C; Nijivipakul, S; Svasti, J; Entsch, Barrie; Ballou, DP; Chaiyen, P4-Oct-2011
102009An Initial Exploration of 'in vivo' Hair Cortisol Responses to a Brief Pain Stressor: Latency, Localization and Independence EffectsSharpley, Christopher ; Kauter, Kathleen; McFarlane, James R26-May-2010