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12008Nitric Oxide and Nitroxides Can Act as Efficient Scavengers of Protein-Derived Free RadicalsLam, Magdalena; Pattison, David; Bottle, Steven E; Keddie, Daniel ; Davies, Michael18-Jul-2013
22008The palladium-catalysed copper-free Sonogashira coupling of isoindoline nitroxides: a convenient route to robust profluorescent carbon-carbon frameworksKeddie, Daniel ; Fairfull-Smith, Kathryn; Bottle, Steven E19-Jul-2013
32008Comparison of Time and Frequency Domain Methods for Luminescence Lifetime MeasurementsMcGraw, Christina ; Khalil, Gamal; Callis, James14-Oct-2014
42008A Novel Profluorescent Dinitroxide for Imaging Polypropylene DegradationFairfull-Smith, Kathryn; Blinco, James P; Keddie, Daniel ; George, Graeme A; Bottle, Steven E31-Jul-2013
52008Evaluation of Liquid‐and Solid‐Contact, Pb2+‐Selective Polymer‐Membrane Electrodes for Soil AnalysisMcGraw, Christina ; Radu, Tanja; Radu, Aleksandar; Diamond, Dermot14-Oct-2014
62008Inflorescence architecture of oliveSeifi, Esmaeil; Guerin, Jenny; Kaiser, Brent; Sedgley, Margaret 25-Feb-2010
72008Variability of responses to 1-methylcyclopropene by banana: influence of time of year at harvest and fruit position in the bunchMoradinezhad, F; Sedgley, Margaret ; Klieber, A; Able, A J26-Feb-2010
82008Rate of magnetization reversal due to nucleation of soliton-antisoliton pairs at point-like defectsLoxley, Peter 1-Jun-2017
92008Profluorescent nitroxides: Sensors and stabilizers of radical-mediated oxidative damageBlinco, James P; Keddie, Daniel ; Wade, Tim; Barker, Philip J; George, Graeme A; Bottle, Steven E18-Jul-2013
102008Observations on the morphology and development of star flowers of 'Vitis vinifera' L. cvs Chardonnay and ShirazLongbottom, ML; Dry, PR; Sedgley, Margaret 25-Feb-2010