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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12008The heterogeneous Allen-Cahn equation in a ball: Solutions with layers and spikesDu, Yihong 2-Dec-2009
22008Hepatic cytochrome P450 enzymes belonging to the CYP2C subfamily from an Australian marsupial, the koala ('Phascolarctos cinereus')Jones, Brett R; El-Merhibi, Adaweyah; Ngo, Suong NT; Stupans, Ieva ; McKinnon, Ross A30-Nov-2011
32008Twin Kernel EmbeddingGuo, Yi; Gao, Junbin; Kwan, Paul Hing 30-Nov-2009
42008Concentration Phenomena in a Nonlocal Quasi-linear Problem Modelling Phytoplankton II: Limiting profileDu, Yihong ; Hsu, Sze-Bi30-Nov-2009
52008A diffusive competition model with a protection zoneDu, Yihong 2-Dec-2009
62008Intron Framing Exonic Nucleotides: A Compromise Between Protein Coding and Splicing ConstraintsRuvinsky, Anatoly; Ward, William Edward17-Dec-2009
72008LuxG Is a Functioning Flavin Reductase for Bacterial LuminescenceNijvipakul, S; Wongratana, J; Suadee, C; Entsch, Barrie; Ballou, DP; Chaiyen, P19-Nov-2010
82008Simultaneous acquisition of dual analyser-based contrast X-ray images for small animal imagingKitchen, Marcus J; Pavlov, Konstantin M ; Hooper, Stuart B; Vine, David J; Siu, Karen K W; Wallace, Megan J; Siew, Melissa L L; Yagi, Naoto; Uesugi, Kentaro; Lewis, Rob A19-Jan-2010
92008Holomorphic classification of four-dimensional surfaces in ℂ³Schmalz, Gerd ; Ejov, Vladimir Vladimirovitch25-Jan-2010
102008Psychological Distress among Prostate Cancer Patients: Fact or Fiction?Sharpley, Christopher ; Bitsika, Vicki ; Christie, David R H 19-Nov-2010