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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006Relationship Between Paw Preference Strength and Noise Phobia in 'Canis familiaris'Branson, Nicholas Julian; Rogers, Lesley 15-Sep-2011
22006Laterality of horses associated with emotionality in novel situationsLarose, C; Richard-Yris, M-A; Hausberger, Martine; Rogers, Lesley 21-Sep-2011
32006A Novel Class of Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors: Glycoconjugate Benzene Sulfonamides Prepared by "Click-Tailing"Wilkinson, Brendan ; Bornaghi, Laurent F; Houston, Todd A; Innocenti, Alessio; Supuran, Claudiu T; Poulsen, Sally-Ann27-Apr-2018
42006Short-term effects of cycle and treadmill training on exercise tolerance in peripheral arterial diseaseSanderson, B; Askew, C; Stewart, I; Walker, P; Gibbs, H; Green, Simon22-Sep-2011
52006Anaerobic metabolism of inspiratory muscles in COPDEastwood, Peter R; van der Touw, Tom ; Sturdy, Gavin A; Jenkins, Sue C; Hillman, David R9-Nov-2009
62006Pre- and post-hatching effects of corticosterone treatment on behavior of the domestic chickFreire, Rafael; van Dort, S; Rogers, Lesley 17-Oct-2011
72006Concentration and Duration of Ethylene Treatment Influences the Response of Banana to 1-MethylcyclopropeneMoradinezhad, F; Able, A J; Sedgley, Margaret ; Klieber, A16-Apr-2010
82006Explicit construction of a Chern-Moser connection for CR manifolds of codimension twoSpiro, A; Schmalz, G 5-May-2008