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12015Subclinical avian hepatitis E virus infection in layer flocks in the United StatesGerber, Priscilla Freitas ; Trampel, Darrell W; Willinghan, Eric M; Billam, Padma; Meng, Xiang-Jin; Opriessnig, Tanja9-Jun-2017
22014The initial lignin: nitrogen ratio of litter from above and below ground sources strongly and negatively influenced decay rates of slowly decomposing litter carbon poolsWalela, Christine; Daniel, Heiko ; Wilson, Brian ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Cowie, Annette ; Harden, Steven30-Oct-2014
32017Climate trends in the wood anatomy of 'Acacia sensu stricto' (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae)Warwick, Nigel W ; Hailey, Luke; Clarke, Kerri L ; Gasson, Peter E13-Jun-2017
42008Effects of meloxicam or tolfenamic acid administration on the pain and stress responses of Merino lambs to mulesingPaull, D R; Lee, Caroline ; Atkinson, S J; Fisher, Andrew30-Oct-2014
52014Characterization of Soil Organic Matter in Aggregates and Size-Density Fractions by Solid State ¹³C CPMAS NMR SpectroscopyFazle Rabbi, Sheikh Mohammad ; Linser, Rasmus; Hook, James M; Wilson, Brian ; Lockwood, Peter V ; Daniel, Heiko ; Young, Iain 30-Oct-2014
62015The Miocene Galapagos ash layer record of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site Legs 334 and 344: Ocean-island explosive volcanism during plume-ridge interactionSchindlbeck, J C; Kutterolf, S; Freundt, A; Straub, S M; Wang, K L; Jegen, M; Hemming, S R; Baxter, Alan ; Sandoval, M I9-Jun-2017
72014Mapping salt-marsh land cover vegetation using high-spatial and hyper-spectral satellite data to assist wetland inventoryKumar, Lalit ; Sinha, Priyakant 31-Oct-2014
82015Noisy neighbours at the frog pond: effects of invasive cane toads on the calling behaviour of native Australian frogsBleach, Iris T; Beckmann, Christa ; Both, Camila; Brown, Gregory P; Shine, Richard28-Sep-2017
91998Changes in maintenance energy requirements of mature sheep fed at different levels of feed intake at maintenance, during weight loss and realimentationBall, A; Thompson, J M; Alston, C L; Blakely, A R; Hinch, Geoffrey 26-Sep-2017
102006Asymmetric impact of piscivorous birds on size-structured fish populationsBeckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A; Post, John R26-Sep-2017