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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
11-Jan-2019Inefficient high-temperature metamorphism in orthogneissChapman, Timothy ; Clarke, Geoffrey L; Piazolo, Sandra; Daczko, Nathan R1-Aug-2019
22017Root Plasticity Not Evident in N-Enriched Soil Volumes for Wheat ('Triticum aestivum' L.) and Barley ('Hordeum vulgare' L.) VarietiesRabbi, Sheikh M F; Guppy, Christopher ; Flavel, Richard ; Tighe, Matthew ; Young, Iain 20-Jan-2018
32006Identifying high academic potential in Canadian Aboriginal primary school childrenChaffey, Grahame ; Halliwell, Gayle; McCluskey, Ken W26-Feb-2010
41997Calling behaviour in 'M. convecta' females under different temperature and photoperiodic conditionsdel Socorro, Alice ; Gregg, Peter 23-Jan-2018
52016The Lower Ordovician Fezouata Konservat-Lagerstätte from Morocco: Age, environment and evolutionary perspectivesMartin, Emmanuel LO; Pittet, Bernard; Van Roy, Peter; Vaucher, Romain; Lefebvre, Bertrand; Gutierrez-Marco, Juan-Carlos; Vannier, Jean; El Hariri, Khadija; Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy ; Masrour, Moussa; Nowak, Hendrik; Servais, Thomas; Vandenbroucke, Thijs RA6-Oct-2016
62008Provisioning vocalizations in cooperative bell miners ('Manorina melanophrys'): More than a simple stimulus for nestling begging?McDonald, Paul ; Wright, Jonathan11-Jul-2011
72017Roles for the Canidae in food webs reviewed: Where do they fit?Fleming, Peter ; Nolan, Huw; Jackson, Stephen M.; Ballard, Guy ; Bengsen, Andrew; Brown, Wendy ; Meek, Paul ; Mifsud, Gregory; Pal, Sunil K.; Sparkes, Jessica17-Jan-2018
82007Provisioning calls of the cooperatively breeding bell miner 'Manorina melanophrys' encode sufficient information for individual discriminationMcDonald, Paul ; Heathcote, CF; Clarke, MF; Wright, Jonathan; Kazem, AJN11-Jul-2011
92017Plume-subduction interaction forms large auriferous provincesTassara, Santiago; Gonzalez-Jimenez, Jose M; Barra, Fernando; Corgne, Alexandre; Reich, Martin; Schilling, Manuel E; Morata, Diego; Begg, Graham; Saunders, James ; Griffin, William L; O'Reilly, Suzanne Y; Gregoire, Michel18-Jan-2018
102017Subduction initiation and ophiolite crust: new insights from IODP drillingReagan, Mark K; Pearce, Julian A; Petronotis, Katerina; Almeev, Renat R; Avery, Aaron J; Carvallo, Claire; Chapman, Timothy ; Christeson, Gail L; Ferre, Eric C; Godard, Marguerite; Heaton, Daniel E; Kirchenbaur, Maria; Kurz, Walter; Kutterolf, Steffen; Li, Hongyan; Li, Yibing; Michibayashi, Katsuyoshi; Morgan, Sally; Nelson, Wendy R; Prytulak, Julie; Python, Marie; Robertson, Alastair H F; Ryan, Jeffrey G; Sager, William W; Sakuyama, Tetsuya; Shervais, John W; Shimizu, Kenji; Whattam, Scott A24-Jul-2019

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