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129-Jun-2012The Role of Turtles as Coral Reef MacroherbivoresGoatley, Christopher H R ; Hoey, Andrew S; Bellwood, David R31-May-2019
2-Demographic dynamics of the smallest marine vertebrates fuel coral-reef ecosystem functioningBrandl, Simon J; Tornabene, Luke; Goatley, Christopher H R ; Casey, Jordan M; Morais, Renato A; Cote, Isabelle M; Baldwin, Carole C; Parravicini, Valeriano; Schiettekatte, Nina M D; Bellwood, David R3-Jun-2019
3Oct-2015Digging adaptation in insectivorous subterranean eutherians. The enigma of Mesoscalops montanensis unveiled by geometric morphometrics and finite element analysisPiras, Paolo; Sansalone, Gabriele ; Teresi, Luciano; Moscato, Marco; Profico, Antonio; Eng, Ronald; Cox, Timothy C; Loy, Anna; Colangelo, Paolo; Kotsakis, Tassos27-May-2019
415-Feb-2015Evolutionary trends and stasis in carnassial teeth of European Pleistocene wolf Canis lupus (Mammalia, Canidae)Sansalone, Gabriele ; Berte, Davide Federico; Maiorino, Leonardo; Pandolfi, Luca27-May-2019
5Oct-2015Evolution of hypsodonty reveals a long-standing ecological separation in the Japanese shrew-molesSansalone, G 27-May-2019
620-Jan-2018Tephrostratigraphy and Provenance From IODP Expedition 352, Izu-Bonin Arc: Tracing Tephra Sources and Volumes From the Oligocene to RecentKutterolf, S; Schindlbeck, J C; Robertson, A H F; Avery, A; Baxter, A T ; Petronotis, K; Wang, K-L15-Mar-2019
7Aug-2014Morphological integration and functional modularity in the crocodilian skullPiras, Paolo; Buscalioni, Angela D; Teresi, Luciano; Raia, Pasquale; Sansalone, Gabriele ; Kotsakis, Tassos; Cubo, Jorge28-May-2019
8Jun-2019Feed particle selection and nutrient intake altered by pecking stone consumption and beak length in free-range laying hensIqbal, Zafar ; Drake, Kelly ; Swick, Robert A ; Perez-Maldonado, Rider A; Ruhnke, Isabelle 18-Mar-2019
92019A role for legitimacy metrics in advancing and sustaining environmental water reforms?Marshall, Graham R ; Lobry De Bruyn, Lisa A 12-Apr-2019
10Feb-2019Optimization of portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for the assessment of soil total copper concentrations: application at an ancient smelting siteRogan, Georgia; Tighe, Matthew ; Grave, Peter ; Kealhofer, Lisa ; Yukongdi, Pakpadee; Wilson, Susan C 17-Jan-2019