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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Pathogenicity, tissue distribution, shedding and environmental detection of two strains of IBDV following infection of chickens at 0 and 14 days of ageJayasundara, Kanchana; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Katz, Margaret ; Islam, Fakhrul ; Renz, Katrin ; McNally, J; Hunt, Peter William15-Jan-2018
22005Sex allocation and nestling survival in a dimorphic raptor: does size matter?McDonald, Paul ; Olsen, PD; Cockburn, A11-Jul-2011
32008Helping as a signal and the effect of a potential audience during provisioning visits in a cooperative birdMcDonald, Paul ; Marvelde, Luc te; Kazem, AJN; Wright, Jonathan11-Jul-2011
42009An experimental meat-free diet maintained haematological characteristics in sprint-racing sled dogsBrown, Wendy ; Vanselow, Barbara A; Redman, Andrew J; Pluske, John R24-Feb-2010
52015Does morphology predict trophic position and habitat use of ant species and assemblages?Gibb, Heloise; Stoklosa, Jakub; Warton, David I; Brown, A M; Andrew, Nigel R ; Cunningham, S M6-Feb-2015
620-Feb-2017Application of a handheld X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for real-time, high-density quantitative analysis of drilled igneous rocks and sediments during IODP Expedition 352Ryan, J G; Shervais, J W; Li, Y; Reagan, M K; Li, H Y; Heaton, D; Godard, M; Kirchenbaur, M; Whattam, S A; Pearce, J A; Chapman, T ; Nelson, W; Prytulak, J; Shimizu, K; Petronotis, K; Almeev, R; Avery, A; Carvallo, C; Christeson, G; Ferre, E; Kurz, W; Kutterolf, S; Michibayashi, K; Morgan, S; Python, M; Robertson, A; Sager, W; Sakuyama, T24-Jul-2019
72013Geographic Information (GI) Product Marketing through Advertisements: An Application of Content AnalysisLamsal, Pramod; Prasad Pant, Krishna; Kumar, Lalit 19-Dec-2013
82015Using the Results of Teaching Evaluations to Improve Teaching: A Case Study of a New Systematic ProcessMalouff, John M ; Reid, Jacqueline ; Wilkes, Janelle ; Emmerton, Ashley J11-Feb-2015
92016Changing global risk of invading greenbug 'Schizaphis graminum' under climate changeAl-Jaryian, Rasha Ayad Jawad; Kumar, Lalit 5-Sep-2016
102013Differential growth and yield by canola ('Brassica napus' L.) anhd wheat ('Triticum aestivum' L.) arising from alterations in chemical properties of sandy soils due to additions of fly ashYunusa, Isa ; Manoharan, Veeragathipillai; Harris, Rob; Lawrie, Roy; Pal, Yash; Quilton, Jonathan T; Bell, Richard; Eamus, Derek13-Sep-2016

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