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12008Testing species limits in 'Rennellia' (Prismatomerideae, Rubioideae, Rubiaceae)Jalaluddin, Susan Louise; Bruhl, Jeremy James 19-Feb-2010
22002Isolation and characterization of 20 polymorphic microsatellite loci for 'Scaptodrosophila hibisci'Wilson, ACC; Sunnucks, P; Barker, JSF28-Mar-2012
32006Distribution and abundance of the south-eastern form of the greater long-eared bat 'Nyctophilus timoriensis'Turbill, Christopher; Ellis, M23-Feb-2010
42001Floral morphology and embryology of two Australian species of 'Citrus' (Rutaceae)Clarke, Kerri L ; Prakash, Nallamilli5-Nov-2015
52002The Effect of Row Spacing and Weed Density on Yield Loss of ChickpeaWhish, JPM; Sindel, BM ; Jessop, RS ; Felton, WL6-Aug-2008
62004Invasion of native vegetation by Coolatai Grass 'Hyparrhenia hirta': impacts on native vegetation and management implicationsMcArdle, SL; Nadolny, C; Sindel, Brian Mark 12-Feb-2010
72004Sympodial structure of spikelets in the tribe Schoeneae (Cyperaceae)Zhang, X; Wilson, KL; Bruhl, JJ 11-Aug-2008
82005Decomposition of 13 C and 15 N labelled plant residue materials in two different soil types and its impact on soil carbon, nitrogen, aggregate stability, and aggregate formationBlair, NE; Faulkner, RD ; Till, AR; Sanchez, P6-Aug-2008
92002On boundary conditions in the lattice Boltzmann model for advection and anisotropic dispersion equationZhang, Xiaoxian; Crawford, John W; Bengough, A Glyn; Young, Iain 11-Jun-2014
102004Metabolic rate and body temperature reduction during hibernation and daily torporGeiser, F 2-May-2008