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12009Plutonic rocks of western Fiordland, New Zealand: field relations, geochemistry, correlation, and nomenclatureAllibone, A H; Jongens, R; Turnbull, I M; Milan, Luke ; Daczko, N R; De Paoli, M C; Tulloch, A J30-Oct-2014
22008Effects of meloxicam or tolfenamic acid administration on the pain and stress responses of Merino lambs to mulesingPaull, D R; Lee, Caroline ; Atkinson, S J; Fisher, Andrew30-Oct-2014
32006Asymmetric impact of piscivorous birds on size-structured fish populationsBeckmann, Christa ; Biro, Peter A; Post, John R26-Sep-2017
42008An Intraspecific Killing in Adult Pacific Reef Egrets (Egretta sacra)Beckmann, Christa 27-Sep-2017
52008Early microhabitat use by age 0 year brook charr Salvelinus fontinalis in lakesBiro, P A; Beckmann, Christa ; Ridgway, M S27-Sep-2017
62009Impact of Invasive Cane Toads on Australian BirdsBeckmann, Christa ; Shine, Richard3-Oct-2017
72006Does resource availability govern vertical stratification of small mammals in an Australian lowland tropical rainforest?Rader, Romina ; Krockenberger, Andrew6-Jun-2017
82006Three-dimensional use of space by a tropical rainforest rodent, 'Melomys cervinipes', and its implications for foraging and home-range sizeRader, Romina ; Krockenberger, Andrew6-Jun-2017
92009Metastable persistence of pelitic metamorphic assemblages at the root of a Cretaceous magmatic arc - Fiordland, New ZealandDaczko, NR; Milan, Luke ; Halpin, JA27-Oct-2014
102009Assessment of welfare of suckling lambs following intradermal injection of cetrimide as a non-surgical alternative to conventional mulesingColditz, Ian ; Lloyd, J B; Paull, D R; Lee, Caroline ; Giraudo, A; Pizzato, C; Fisher, Andrew27-Oct-2014