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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Wallum and related vegetation on the NSW North Coast: Description and phytosociological analysisGriffith, Stephen J ; Bale, Colin; Adam, P; Wilson, R3-Nov-2009
22007Vegetation of montane bogs in east-flowing catchments of northern New England, New South WalesHunter, John T ; Bell, Dorothy 5-Nov-2009
32000Classifying endangered vegetation communities: a case study of Cumberland Plain WoodlandsFrench, K; Callaghan, B; Hill, S 31-Jul-2020
4Nov-2005Relationships between anthropogenic disturbance, soil properties and plant invasion in endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland, AustraliaHill, Sarah J ; Tung, Peter J; Leishman, Michelle R31-Jul-2020
517-Feb-2004Potential impacts of fire and grazing in an endangered ecological community: plant composition and shrub and eucalypt regeneration in Cumberland Plain WoodlandHill, Sarah J ; French, Kristine31-Jul-2020
6Feb-2003Response of the soil seed-bank of Cumberland Plain Woodland to heatingHill, Sarah J ; French, Kristine31-Jul-2020