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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12003Connectivity in a dryland river: short-term aquatic microinvertebrate recruitment following floodplain inundationJenkins, Kim M ; Boulton, A 1-May-2008
22003Australian wetland plants and wetlands in the landscape: Conservation of diversity and future managementBrock, Margaret Anne9-Aug-2010
32003Environmental geochemistry of the Mt Perry copper mines area, SE Queensland, AustraliaAshley, Paul ; Lottermoser, BG; Chubb, AJ20-May-2009
42003Does fox baiting threaten the spotted-tailed quoll, Dasyurus maculatus?Koertner, G ; Gresser, S; Harden, B7-May-2008
52003Regulation of the resistance to nematode parasites of single-and twin-bearing Merino ewes through nutrition and genetic selectionKahn, Lewis ; Knox, MR; Walkden-Brown, Steve W ; Lea, JM13-Jun-2008
62003Nutritional influences on the expression of genotypic resistance to gastrointestinal nematode infection in sheepWalkden-Brown, SW ; Eady, SJ2-May-2008
72003The Biology of Australian Weeds 43. Polymeria longifolia LindlJohnson, SB; Sindel, BM ; Jessop, RS ; Jones, CE13-Jun-2008
82003Effects of dietary oligosaccharides on microbial diversity and fructo-oligosaccharide degrading bacteria in faeces of piglets post-weaningMikkelsen, L ; Jakobsen, M; Jensen, BB13-Jun-2008
92003The Pollination of Trimenia moorei (Trimeniaceae): Florals Volatiles, Insect/Wind Pollen Vectors and Stigmatic Self-incompatability in a Basal AngiospermBernhardt, P; Sage, T; Weston, P; Azuma, H; Lam, M; Thien, LB; Bruhl, JJ 2-May-2008
102003Genetic and phenotypic characterisation of animal, carcass and meat quality traits from temperate and tropically adapted beef breeds. 2: Abattoir carcass traitsReverter, A; Johnston, D ; Perry, D; Goddard, ME; Burrow, HM30-Jul-2008