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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12011Preface to 'Defending the Social Licence of Farming: Issues, Challenges and New Directions for Agriculture'Williams, Jacqueline ; Martin, Paul 6-Jun-2012
22016IntroductionQuirico, Ottavio ; Boumghar, Mouloud22-Feb-2016
32011Introduction to 'New England Lives IV'Ryan, John Sprott 30-Mar-2012
42009ByzantiumGarland, Lynda7-Dec-2010
52011DefamationClarke, Andrew; Devereaux, John; Werren, Julia C 25-May-2012
62013Estructura y dinamica de la comunidad de plantulas de la Estacion Biologica Cocha CashuPaine, C E Timothy ; Alvarez-Loayza, Patricia29-Oct-2019
72006MalaysiaKaur, Amarjit 19-Feb-2010
82011Progressive Field Education: Social Justice, Human Rights, and AdvocacydeVink-Lablanc, Sandra; Turner, Linda ; Carty, Brian18-Jun-2012
92011Part II: Fundamentals for Teaching StatisticsReading, Christine E 17-May-2012
102011Overview: Challenges for Teaching Statistics in School Mathematics and Preparing Mathematics TeachersBatanero, Carmen; Burrill, Gail; Reading, Christine E 17-May-2012