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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12010Learning Gradients with Gaussian ProcessesJiang, Xinwei; Gao, Junbin; Wang, Tianjiang; Kwan, Paul H 2-Jun-2011
22002Alternative Conceptions of Chemical Bonding Held by Upper Secondary and Tertiary StudentsColl, Richard K; Taylor, Neil 5-Jun-2012
32006Moving out: centrifugal patterns of masculinity in urban Australian plays, 1955-70 and 1985-2000Kiernander, Adrian Rodney 19-Aug-2009
42015Rural and Agricultural CrimeBarclay, Elaine ; Weisheit, Ralph A; Donnermeyer, Joseph F 15-Jan-2016
52018The Central Functioning of Successful Schooling: The Relationship between Academic Engagement and Subjective Well-BeingPhan, Huy P ; Ngu, Bing H 18-Dec-2018
62018Critical Reflections on the Operation of Aboriginal Night PatrolsScott, John ; Barclay, Elaine ; Sims, Margaret ; Cooper, Trudi; Love, Terence15-Feb-2019
72010Protein Analysis of Abiotic and Biotic Stress Response during Cotton Vegetative GrowthCoumans-Moens, Joelle ; Backhouse, David 8-Jun-2011
82007A culture-neutral metalanguage for mental state conceptsGoddard, Cliff 8-Sep-2009
92008Savvy Sambo: Appraising an IconBuckland, Corinne Anitra; Simpson, Andrew Patrick Luke8-Sep-2009
102010Viability, Sustainability, Scalability and Pedagogy: Investigating the Spread of Real-time, Rich Media Technologies in Australian UniversitiesSmyth, Robyn ; Vale, Deborah; Andrews, Patricia Marguerite; Caladine, Richard9-Jun-2011