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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12019An Introduction to the Transition from Graduation to Work: Challenges and Strategies in the Asia Pacific and BeyondDhakal, Subas ; Prikshat, Verma; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John9-Dec-2019
22004Cultural Factors in Higher Education Mergers: the Australian ExperienceHarman, Kay Maree 24-Mar-2010
32008Deforestation In The Philippines: An Economic Assessment Of Government Policy Responses Using A CGE ModelStenberg, Luz Centeno; Siriwardana, Mahinda 19-Oct-2009
42010Through My Eyes: Conducting Research as a Vision-Impaired ResearcherSmith-Ruig, Theresa ; Sheridan, Alison Jane 19-Oct-2009
52019Conceptualising Graduate Work-Readiness: Theories, Concepts and Implications for Practice and ResearchPrikshat, Verma; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John; Dhakal, Subas 9-Dec-2019
62019Challenges and Strategies of Transition from Graduation to Work in the Post-2020 Asia Pacific and Beyond: A Comparative Analysis of Nine CountriesDhakal, Subas ; Nankervis, Alan; Burgess, John; Prikshat, Verma9-Dec-2019
72018A comparative perspective on work-readiness challenges in the Asia Pacific regionDhakal, Subas ; Burgess, John; Cameron, Roslyn; Nankervis, Alan10-Dec-2019
82008Optimal Land-use with Carbon Payments and Fertilizer Subsidies in IndonesiaWise, Russell M; Cacho, Oscar Jose 19-Oct-2009
92003Introduction to 'Reshaping Australian Local Government: Finance, governance and reform'Dollery, Brian Edward ; Marshall, Neil Alexander ; Worthington, Andrew13-Oct-2009
102006Local Government Organization and Finance: New ZealandDollery, Brian Edward 22-Oct-2009