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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12006HeroRyan, John Sprott 11-Sep-2009
22001Introduction to 'Australian Legendary Tales'Ryan, John Sprott 19-Aug-2009
32016The academic fellowship and supportive ambience of Wright CollegeRyan, John S 23-Feb-2017
42016'The Generations of Men', An Heroic Australian Prose Chronicle, One Encapturing - Very Memorably - a Nation's Formative Years of Slow and Dangerous Pastoral Traverse, of Agonising Frontiersman Endeavour and Poignant Sufferings and Loss within what was to become an almost Dynastic Australian Colonial Pastoral FamilyRyan, John S 23-Feb-2017
51999English - and Communication StudiesRyan, John S 30-Jun-2014
61971The Vikings and Mediaeval NorwayRyan, John S 10-Sep-2012
71971Ibsen and DramaRyan, John S 10-Sep-2012
82008Robert Bowden Madgwick (1905-1979): Educationalist and Vice ChancellorRyan, John Sprott 18-Aug-2009
92010Rolf Boldrewood and the Gold RushesRyan, John Sprott 4-May-2011
102010'Bushranging' Legends from the Goldfield of Rocky River that still haunt AustraliaRyan, John Sprott 4-May-2011