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10124-Aug-2017Infection increases vulnerability to climate change via effects on host thermal toleranceGreenspan, Sasha E; Bower, Deborah S ; Roznik, Elizabeth A; Pike, David A; Marantelli, Gerry; Alford, Ross A; Schwarzkopf, Lin; Scheffers, Brett R17-May-2019
10220-Aug-2018Spinal arthritis in cane toads across the Australian landscapeBower, Deborah S ; Yasumiba, Kiyomi; Trumbo, Daryl R; Alford, Ross A; Schwarzkopf, Lin3-May-2019
103Mar-2019Gender differences in peer review outcomes and manuscript impact at six journals of ecology and evolutionFox, Charles W; Paine, C E Timothy 8-Apr-2019
104Oct-2018The effectiveness of journals as arbiters of scientific impactPaine, C E Timothy ; Fox, Charles W15-Apr-2019
105May-2016Evolutionary patterns of volatile terpene emissions across 202 tropical tree speciesCourtois, Elodie A; Dexter, Kyle G; Paine, Charles Eliot Timothy ; Stien, Didier; Engel, Julien; Baraloto, Christopher; Chave, Jerome3-Apr-2019
106Nov-2018Origin of raptorial feeding in juvenile euarthropods revealed by a Cambrian radiodontanLiu, Jianni; Lerosey-Aubril, Rudy ; Steiner, Michael; Dunlop, Jason A; Shu, Degan; Paterson, John R 12-Jun-2019
107Mar-2019Learning opportunities: Understanding farmers’ soil testing practice through workshop activities to improve extension support for soil health managementLobry De Bruyn, Lisa A 17-Jun-2019
108Mar-2019Soil information sharing and knowledge building for sustainable soil use and management: insights and implications for the 21st CenturyLobry De Bruyn, Lisa ; Ingram, Julie17-Jun-2019
1092011Implications for the Feed IndustryIji, Paul ; Barekatain, Mohammad Reza 7-Jun-2013
1102014Camera Traps Can Be Heard and Seen by AnimalsMeek, Paul ; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Fleming, Peter ; Schaefer, Michael T ; Williams, Warwick; Falzon, Gregory 30-Oct-2014

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