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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
12017Expression of Foreign Genes Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Pollen-Mediated Transformation in Zea maysYang, Liyan; Cui, Guimei; Wang, Yixue; Hao, Yaoshan; Du, Jianzhong; Zhang, Hongmei; Wang, Changbiao; Zhang, Huanhuan; Wu, Shubiao ; Sun, Yi30-May-2018
22013Assessing insect responses to climate change: What are we testing for? Where should we be heading?Andrew, Nigel R ; Hill, Sarah J ; Binns, Matthew; Bahar, Md Habibullah; Ridley, Emma V; Jung, Myung-Pyo; Fyfe, Christine ; Yates, Michelle; Khusro, Mohammad28-Jun-2013
32012Insect herbivory along environmental gradientsAndrew, Nigel R ; Roberts, Isobel; Hill, Sarah J 9-Jan-2013
42-Jan-2019Small-scale urban agriculture results in high yields but requires judicious management of inputs to achieve sustainabilityMcDougall, Robert; Kristiansen, Paul ; Rader, Romina 8-Apr-2020
52018Response of Broiler Chickens to Triticale-Based Diets Supplemented with Microbial Enzymes (1. Growth and Intestinal Function)Widodo, A E; Nolan, John V ; Akter, Mohammed; O'Neill, H M; Iji, Paul 20-May-2018
62019Reptilian Mycophagy: A global review of mutually beneficial associations between reptiles and macrofungiElliott, T F ; Bower, D S ; Vernes, K 25-Jun-2020
7Aug-2018A framework to identify indicator species for ecosystem services in agricultural landscapesBirkhofer, Klaus; Rusch, Adrien; Andersson, Georg K S; Bommarco, Riccardo; Danhardt, Juliana; Ekbom, Barbara; Jonsson, Annelie; Lindborg, Regina; Olsson, Ola; Rader, Romina ; Stjernman, Martin; Williams, Alwyn; Hedlund, Katarina; Smith, Henrik G17-Jul-2020

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